Many different kinds of media can now be added to your website to generate revenue and increase hits.  Some examples are social media links, videos, music players, electronic books, ads, and blogs.  Some examples from sites I have worked on are shown here.

Adding videos allows customers to see your products in action and get a sense of the scale and physicality of the items. It helps people see the product or location better and also helps them find your business in searches.
If your site is related to music, you can add players for music at Amazon. Every song that is purchased by your customers will earn you dividends. Even if they order other things from Amazon, besides music, you get revenue for everything they order after clicking over from your site.
Write a guidebook or pamphlet about your topic, and you can sell it electronically. This generates revenue that comes in automatically without you having to process orders or ship packages.
Show your facebook updates right on your webpage, along with photos of your fans. Your page will always look fresh because your facebook page is visible right there. And it is easy for visitors to “like” your page and find out about specials or coupons.
Writing a blog gets links in to your site as well as attracting people who are looking for some kind of information. If you can help them to do something, which is related to your products, you have gotten their attention.